About Me

I am a digital embroidery designer and mum. When my son was born i took the plunge and started my own business. In the hope of working around school runs, homework, swimming lessons and naps. Life is in our house is a whole lot of crazy and a whole lot of fun.  I have a beautifully blended family, and the three boys are my driving force to accomplish my dream of an embroidery business.


With out turning this into a CV i was a hairdresser for eight years, carer when ever i needed work, slimming world consultant and PA to fit in with kids. And in the middle there i completed a fashion design degree. Incorporating textiles, pattern cutting and design. I spent most of my time at UNI in the embroidery suite. And found my passion for embroidered imagery. I never dreamed that after five years of not using my degree. And with a four month old in tow. I would start this up. But here we are :-)  



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